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'VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE' Healthy Snack Box Hamper
'VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE' Healthy Snack Box Hamper
'VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE' Healthy Snack Box Hamper
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'VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE' Healthy Snack Box Hamper

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A unique selection of fifteen hand-picked snacks that are all Healthy, Vegan- Friendly and Gluten-Free. Perfect for as a gift, if you fancy trying something new or just want a few healthy snacks at home or the office.

'VEGAN & GLUTEN-FREE' Healthy Snack Box (Vegan + Gluten-Free)


1. Simply Coconut Bites, Ape, 30g (V+, GF)
2. Eat Real Hummus Chips, 25g (V+, GF)
3. Eat Real Veggie Straws, 22g (V+, GF)
4. Dark Chocolate Maca, Vanilla & Cacao nibs, Doisy & Dam, 25g (V+, GF, SF, O)
5. Apple & Raspberry fruit jerky, Snact, 20g (V+, GF)
6. Pear fruit crisps, Nim's, 20g (V+, GF)
2. Simply Sea salt Sweet Potato, Emily Veg Crisps 23g(V+, GF)
8. Crunchy Corn, Sea salt, Love corn, 20g (V+, GF)
9. Orange infused raisins, Nakd, 25g (V+, GF)
10.Moist Mixed Berry Fruit & Oat Bar, Get Fruity, 35g (V+,GF)
11. Gently baked mango, Urban fruit, 35g (V+,GF)
12. Organic Chickpea puffs, Sweet & Smoking, Hippeas, 22g, (V+,GF, O)
13. Natural Protein bar x2, Peanut Raspberry, Squirrel Sisters, 40g (V+,GF)
14. Activated nuts & seeds, turmeric & smoked paprika, Boundless, 30g (V+,GF)
15. Cacao& Cashew Quinoa bar, Perkier, 35g (V+,GF)

V+=Vegan GF=Gluten Free O=Organic

This would make a great gift. Great Selection, Great value!
It comes nicely packaged with the option of adding a gift message ( just add comment at checkout)

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